Friday, January 20, 2012

Farm Cat Friday - The Male Person Got His Wish

What was his wish you ask?

In fact, it has been snowing since Sunday and as of my typing this it was STILL snowing.

The Farm cats are not happy about this.
Why you ask?

Because the snow is higher than they are!
Sherpa went out but he hid under the trailer.
He would not come out from under there.

Doesn't he look lonely?
The publicist went about her business and he was still there.

But she rescued him!
He jumped on her back and crawled up on her shoulder and they walked back to the yurt together. Isn't she nice?

Harry the Farm cat went out too.

He felt the need to explore.
Silly Harry!

He stayed close to the yurt where the snow hadn't piled up.
This is what he saw....

...then this is what he did.

No one ever said Harry was stupid!
It was a big snowy world out there for a small black and white cat.
He went back into the warmth of the yurt where he promptly took a nap.
Smart cat!

As for us goats.... will learn about us over the next few days.
It's not a happy tale. Just look at all that snow.
You can't even see Nora's legs!

All of us here on the Farm would like to wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a very special young lady today. She knows who she is!


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