Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Buck Fight

AbbyDay is cancelled this week to bring you....The Buck Fight!

It was dramatic.
It was exciting.
It was over the ice patch?!

Silly boys!

As you saw yesterday Buster Brown the goat was willing to do anything to protect his little patch of ice, even stand up to his daddy. But Luke was having none of this! He wanted that ice patch too. That or he wanted to impress us does, one or the other.

He started to battle with Buster Brown.
It was impressive!

Goats were running and horns were locking.

Both boys wanted that ice patch.
For what, we have NO idea!

Then came the big stuff.

A sight to see.

They stomped and they stomped and they stomped some more.

Until Luke regrouped.

He ran around to set himself up for a SUPER STOMP!

Oooooh, isn't he something?!

They battled some more, but as per usual with those boys something more important came along....


And Buster Brown went back to his ice skating.
Silly bucks!


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