Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Boys Get a Share of the Tree-t

You will recall the Christmas Tree-t.

Of course we does shared with the bucks!
We would not keep it all for ourselves.
We are not like that.

We sent some over to the boys.

Buster Brown was not sure about this as he had not seen Christmas Tree-t before.
He gave it a good sniff.

Then he gave the publicist a look as if to maaa, "what the devil is this stuff?"
Soon his daddy, Luke the goat was in the pen with him.

Now Luke the goat knows all about Christmas Tree-t!

He checked it right out.

He gave it a good sniff and a good butt. Soon his horns smelled like pine instead of like buck. It was a vast improvement according to the publicist.

He then started munching away.
He knows good tree-t when he sees it!

But he was getting tired of the paparazzi - it can get to be most annoying to have a camera in your face when you are trying to enjoy a tree-t! Out came the Goat Stare of Death!

Oh noes!

Both boys ended up munching their tree-t and enjoying it very much. 
No one was harmed by the Goat Stare of Death.


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