Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Big Snow!

Oh do I have a tale to tell!
It's a tale of a Big Snow.
A snow so big it came up past Buster Brown's erm, dancing shoes.
THAT is a lot of snow.

It started snowing on Sunday and kept snowing right through Thursday.
We were not Happy Goats. We were not even happy goats.
On Tuesday the publicist made us go out on the snow. It was not bad yet.
This is tale of Wednesday.
On Wednesday we ALL became.....SNOWGOATS!

The publicist FINALLY came out to put us in the barn.
We had had enough of this snow stuff.
Just look at AbbyGoat...

And Louise the Goat....

And Buster Brown the Goat....

And Thelma the Goat....

And ME!

But especially my poor studmuffin Luke the goat.
Just look at him!

It is horrible how the publicist let him get so, so...SNOWGOATY!

I don't think I will ever forgive that grain?
Ah-hem, I am back.
The snow was even eating our hay pile!

That is just wrong!
That is OUR hay, not the snow's.

This sad tale will continue...


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