Tuesday, January 10, 2012

AbbyDay - It's MY Tree-t

Of course it is my Tree-t!
I do all the hard work around this place why should it go to any other goat.
That Pricilla is crazy if she thinks it is her Tree-t.

As soon as I got in the goat pen I took over.

I eyed that Tree-t up and knew just how I was going to attack it.
I don't care what they all thought on Sunday. I was not trying to lift the Tree-t, I was shaking the needles loose so it made for easier snacking.
Stupid goats!
THEY don't know how to eat Tree-t, but I do!

I gave that Tree-t a real close up look and decided it was a very good Tree-t indeed.
It was worth MY effort.
Abby only eats the best of the best!

I even decided to share...with my kids.
I am teaching them how to be AbbyGoats.
It's the best way to be!

Louise really enjoyed that Tree-t.
She takes after her nanny.

But soon it was just me and the Tree-t.
As it should be.
As it will be.


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