Tuesday, January 3, 2012

AbbyDay - I Look Back on 2011

Usually that Pricilla gets to reminisce about the year gone by but this year the publicist said I could do it. She said that I had to include ALL of the goats though, not just me. I told her I would be a good goat.....so here we go.

The year started out snowy and cold and we got ourselves a Christmas Tree-t.

We also got a lot of yummy hay to eat all winter long.

It snowed. A LOT. And we were NOT happy goats.

We did some fun reviews although we didn't always know what we were reviewing.

We had the Catstacular Event with the Farm cats.

I was humiliated for the sake of this stupid blog.

I danced the rhumba with Luke the goat.
Hubba hubba!

I had my kids, Thelma and Louise.

They grew strong over the summer.

I toured the yurt.

The roosters went a little crazy!

We ate a lot of good stuff from the garden.

I got some scratches and smiled.

I kept everygoat in line around the Farm.

The publicist called me a baaaad goat but that is NOT true.

It snowed. Again!

I inspected Pricilla's mail and found it...interesting.

And soon we will have a new Christmas Tree-t.
And how it begins so shall it end.

What?! I mentioned the other goats! I even mentioned the Farm cats!
What more do you want from me?


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