Monday, December 5, 2011

What's Up with Buster Brown the Goat?

The publicist came to the barn to let us out to enjoy the nice sunny day.
When it came to be Buster Brown's turn to go to his pen he took off like a shot!
Instead of his usual routine of jumping in the hay pile and having a much he did this:

What do you suppose he was up to?

Of course!
Buster Brown and Nora are in love!
They danced the rhumba a bit ago and should have kids in March if all goes well.

They had quite the convermaaation.
The publicist was getting impatient.
She had goats to milk.
Things to do!

But Nora sure looked like she wanted a little goat kiss, didn't she?
She didn't get one though.

They maaaaed their goodbyes and Buster finally went to his pen.

Not that going to his pen is a horrible thing.
Look what was waiting for him.

I think he enjoyed it!

Don't you?


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