Sunday, December 18, 2011

Silly Sunday: Looking for Santa Claws?

The denizens of the Farm are taking a day off from caroling as Harry the Farm cat searches for Santa Claws.

The publicist came out of the barn and found him on top of the fence post for the male person's garden. It is about 7 feet up in the air! Silly Harry the Farm cat!

I think he is looking for Santa Claws.
(That or a mole - one or the other.)
What do you think?

He did a good look-see while he was up there.
I'll bet he could see far, far away.
Did he see Santa Claws?
I don't know. 

But he decided to come down.
He was in a hurry so he saw something.

Down he ran

Down he ran

and down he leapt!

Aaaah, back on terra firma.
He then ran off to parts unknown.
The chickens were seen not too long after eating a dead mole.

So I guess Harry was not looking for Santa Claws after all.

The caroling will continue tomorrow with a duet from the bucks.


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