Monday, December 26, 2011

It Was a VERY Merry Christmaaaa!

Hi everyone!
I am a very Happy Goat.
Can you tell?

How are you?
Did you have a very Merry Christmaaa?
If you don't celebrate Christmaaa did you have a very nice weekend?

I hope you all did because I DID!
It was a WONDERFUL weekend for me and all of the Happy Goats.
Why, you ask?

Lots and lots and lots of APPLES!
We got apples on Saturday, apples on Sunday and rumor has it we are getting MORE apples tonight! 
The male person bought them for us. 
He is the best!
The publicist even snuck me some extra apples on Sunday morning - she said it's because I am a special goat.

Sssshhhhh, don't tell the others.

She asked me if I wanted some extra apple.
What a SILLY question!
Can you see the look in my eye that says, "of COURSE I want that apple!"

I first took a sniff to test the bouquet.
Aaaah, intoxicating apple!
NOTHING smells as good - except maybe carrot.


More, more, MORE!

It sure pays to be a special goat!
Those apples were mighty tasty!

I think Christmaaaa should come around more than once a year if it means I get this many apples! Not to mention the Christmas Tree-t to come. What a wonderful time of year!

Thank you publicist and male person.
Oh excuuuuse's all those apples!

ps: I did share with the other goats. Don't worry. I am not AbbyGoat a piggie goat.


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