Saturday, December 10, 2011

I Got Some Mail!

It was addressed to ME!

What do you think of that?
I can't imagine what is in there!
It's from my friend Claire in CANADA.
She is the publicist for Lucky Nickel the famous traveling goat.

The publicist says I should not eat my mail.
What good is it then?

Ooooh, there is something INSIDE my mail.
Who knew?

Apparently AbbyGoat and Louise did!
HEY! That is MY mail!
What could be in there?

I gave this chicken a sniff.

Ooooh, this chicken has been near other goats.
The publicist tells me it is handmade by Lucky Nickel's publicist with the fyber from Lucky Nickel's herd mates. There are many of these chickens in her shop, Scotia Spinner as well as yarns that she well, spins.

All of the other goats had to check out my mail.

At first AbbyGoat just gave it the stink eye.

Then she gave it a snort.

Oh, baby!
She got some good goat.
Now the publicist can't smell a thing but she is not a goat.
We have super noses. We know when a goat has given up its fyber.

Well, not all of us.
Sarah is a little dull.

And Nora ignored it completely.

I am hoping the publicist hangs this chicken in my goat house so I can butt it admire it every day. She says she does not trust me and that she is going to hang it on her Christmas tree.

The publicist is no fun AT ALL.
She wants to thank Claire for making such very cute chickens. If you want a very cute chicken you should go look at Claire's shop. She makes pretty bracelets too. But I do not have wrists....


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