Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Farm Cats Report on Their Christmeow

I know it's supposed to be AbbyDay but she kicking and maaaaing gracefully gave up her day to the Farm cats so they could tell you all about their Christmeow. They had a very fine day from what I heard. It all started with a very special meal.

The publicist bought them Fancy Feast! They hardly ever get Fancy Feast because there are so many Farm cats and it's more than she has to spend on them.

They were very excited.

In fact, the publicist could not recall the last time she saw all four Farm cats lining up to eat like this.

It did not last long.
Harry the Farm cat decided that he should have some of Sherpa the Farm cat's treat.
That was not nice of Harry, was it?
Soon all of the Fancy Feast was gone.
Those Farm cats are fast eaters!

They had a nice rest and then came the fun!

What? You don't see the fun in a pile of wrapping paper?
Then you are not a cat.

The male person almost threw Sherpa the Farm cat out in the trash!
But his little head appeared just at the right moment!
Silly Sherpa the Farm cat.

He had a lot of fun playing in the wrapping paper.
It was almost as fun as his box.

Later they all got some 'nip and were running around like crazy cats. There are no photos. It was too blurry....
But they had lots of Christmeow fun!

AbbyDay will be back next week.
She said she had better be or someone was going to get it.
That Abby!


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