Friday, December 9, 2011

Farm Cat Friday - Whack a Mole

Harry the Farm cat caught a mole. (It's really a pocket gopher but they are much like moles.)
He brought it to his brother Sherpa so they could play a little version of Farm cat Whack a Mole.

Silly Farm cats!
He picked it up and took it over by the publicist's swing bench.

Sherpa joined him there.
They stared at the mole.

I am quite sure the mole did not think this was a fun game.

They stared some more.
I am bored.
Are you?

But then the mole decided to do what moles do!
He tunneled under the snow.
Harry almost lost him!

It was like watching the old Bugs Bunny cartoon when he tunneled his way to his destination - or so says the publicist who is very, very, VERY old.
Silly mole!

This got the Farm cats very interested though.
Sherpa went to investigate.

That made the mole tunnel over to Harry.
Whack - A - Mole!

But it gets away!

It seems to be teasing the Farm cats.
Not too smart, mole.

Whack - A - Mole!

But these Farm cats are spoiled, well fed cats.
They don't HAVE to eat this mole to survive. 
So can you guess what happened?

I think that mole is giving them the raspberry!

The mole did get away and tunneled his way down the gully.
Silly Farm cats.
Silly mole.


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