Friday, December 2, 2011

Farm Cat Friday - Sherpa Says Thank You

Sherpa the Farm cat is very excited.
He entered a giveaway on one of his favorite blogs, Beaded Tail, and HE WON!

See how happy he is?
He is also a touch possessive.
He has not shared his toys!

He has played with his modkicker from Modern Cat. It must be full of extra good 'nip because he goes WILD!

He even gives it the bunny kick!

He won't let go of it when he plays with it and then he hides it somewhere the publicist cannot find it!
Silly Sherpa!

He also won a  felt roller and a Lynks felted wool toy. But he hides these too!
Bad Sherpa, bad, bad, BAD!
You should share your very cool cat toys from Modern Cat!

He does thank Angel, Isabella and Sadie for having such a very nice giveaway!


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