Friday, December 30, 2011

Farm Cat Friday: ON ALERT!

As you all know Harry the Farm cat is getting very independent.
He told the publicist to, "talk to the paw."
Ooooh, this was not wise.
Not wise AT ALL.

We left him on the top of the goat pens in the barn.
The publicist asked him what he thought he was doing up there...

He just cat snickered.
Then he started to walk all along the top.

He walked

He skulked.
The least he could have done is clean out the spiderwebs!

But then...
He heard something!
Was it a MOUSE?

Harry settled down to watch.

The publicist said he had better get down, she was leaving.
He got more comfortable.

The publicist said, OK
and she left.
Harry was perched at the top of the goat pens.
Staring intently.

She went back to the barn hours and hours and hours later to put us goats away and there was Harry. Only he wasn't up top. Oh no! Harry had jumped down and HE WAS STUCK IN MY GOAT PEN! He couldn't find his way out. Good thing there was water in there.

The publicist said, "told you so."
And that was that.
Harry has not been seen in the barn since.


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