Thursday, December 1, 2011

Big Snow Week: Where are the Farm Cats? Did They Get Buried?

Those silly Farm cats!
They wanted to go out in the big snow!
Even though the snow was taller than Harry.

I think if I were a Farm cat I would stay inside the warm yurt next to the fire.
But Harry wanted to explore.

Out he went.
He does not look happy, does he?
This is the first time he has been out in the snow.

He did not go far and he did come when the publicist called.

But he had a lot of snow to hop through to get back to the yurt.

He worked hard at it.

He got to the edge...

...and whew! He was able to jump down and get to the door to the warm yurt!
Yay for Harry the Farm cat!

But what about Sherpa?
How did he fare in the cold, cold snow?

He did not want to explore at first.

He stuck close to the yurt looking around thinking that this was CRAZY!

But he eventually went as far as under the male person's truck.
He did not stay there very long.

He too wanted back in the warm yurt.

So he followed the publicist's footprints to the door.
They were both very happy to see all of that snow go away!


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