Tuesday, December 6, 2011

AbbyDay - I Say Where I Should Be

It's AbbyDay and it's about time! I have been shuffled around far too much lately and I don't like it! AbbyDay should happen NO MATTER WHAT!


So to show the publicist just who is in charge around here I went into the hay pile no matter what she said about the rules.

Talk to THIS lady!

Do you think I care what she is yammering at me!

All I care about is ME.
And eating that yummy hay.
Pfffft to the publicist!

She is making real threats now.
She is talking about NO GRAIN!

I'd better high tail it!

Run, run, run.
NOTHING is worth giving up GRAIN!
The publicist is a pain in my tuches*

*You didn't know I was a multilingual goat did you


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