Saturday, November 26, 2011

Who Rules the Prime Basking Spot?

When the snows fell it was not nice in the doe pen.
There were not too many places were we could be that weren't covered with well, snow.
One of the few places available was my favorite basking spot by the goat house.

It's MY basking spot and the other goats should know this.

It did not stop them from trying to take it away from me.
Just look at them there trying to STEAL my spot.

I was having none of it.
I stood my ground.

Even when this happened.

Do you see that?
Can you believe it?
Nora put her head down to me!
To ME!

Well! I maaaaed her.

I didn't care what ANY of them thought. I was going to stay in my spot.
And so I did.


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