Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Surprise for Buster Brown

As I mentioned on Thursday, when Buster Brown entered his pen in the snow he found a surprise!
What was it?

His very own goat house!
He and Luke the goat had been sharing a goat house but now he had one of his very own!

He was not sure at first.
Goats do not like changes.
We are strange that way.

He gave it a good sniff.

And a very thorough look/see.

But he still wasn't done.
He even checked out the top of his new house.

I think his biggest problem was that it was smaller than Luke's goat house!
Silly Buster Brown!

Luke the goat gave it a good check too.

As I said, we goats are not too fond of change and this was a new thing in his goat pen.

But he gave it the A-OK.
Especially if it meant he didn't have to fight Buster Brown for the other house any more.


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