Sunday, November 13, 2011

Silly Sunday - Love is in the Air

Aaaaah, please join us for some goatly romance.

Love is in the air
everywhere I sniff around
Love is in the air
Luke's snort is the sound

And I know I'm being foolish
I know for sure I am not wise
His love is something I believe in
Even when he looks in Sarah's eyes

Love is in the air
as he whispers in her ear
Love is in the air
as licks her horn so dear

And I know that I am just dreaming
I know I am not sane
It's something I must learn to live with
When Luke ignores my name.

Love is in the air
Love is in the air
maaa maaa maa maaaaaa
maaa maaa maa maaaaaa*

I think they might want some privacy now.
At least I will have grandkids in a few months.

*with all due respect to John Paul Young


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