Thursday, November 17, 2011

The New Kids See Snow for the First Time

We old goats know enough to not like snow.
But old goats forget that not all of the goats on the Farm have seen snow.
Somegoats are still young goats.

Take Thelma and Louise for example...
They were only born this summer so they have no idea what that white stuff is.

They were a little surprised when they came out of the barn.
They seem to be maaaaing, "WHAT is that stuff?!"

Thelma decided to give it a taste.

Not too smart Thelma!
Snow is not goat food.

They got to the end of the barn pad, still not so sure...

Louise seems to be thinking, "Where is my Farm? Why is it white?"

They slowly made their way off the pad, sniffing the snow as they moved.

But they finally moved along and went to the doe pen.
And then there was Buster Brown!
He had never seen snow either!

He was quite surprised too.
He looked hither

and he looked yon trying to figure out what was going on!

He hopped down but he was moving very cautiously.

But he too, finally got himself to his pen.
Where he found a big surprise!
You will have to come back on Saturday to find out what it was.

Oh, and somecats were not happy with the snow either.


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