Monday, November 21, 2011

Harry the Farm Cat Gives a Gift (?!) to the Chickens

I warn you now!
Do not read further if you have a week stomach.
This is an icky, yucky post.

Harry the Farm cat has turned into a mighty hunter.
The publicist discovered that Harry was not sick he was depressed.
He wanted to go outside like the other Farm cats.
So in spite of her reservations and concerns she now lets him out.

He roams the Farm and he hunts!
He hunts pocket gophers and mice.
This makes the male person happy because there are too many rodents on the Farm.

EVERY day that Harry the Farm cat goes out he leaves a little gift (?!) for the chickens.
(The chickens being truly disgusting creatures)

Sweet little Harry the Farm cat

Leaves them a pocket gopher.
A dead pocket gopher.

He will leave it and one silly chicken will find it.

But then a crowd will form.
Maybe I should say a flock. Heh heh

The chickens will try and fight over the dead rodent.
But one will ultimately win and run off with it.

With the rest of the chickens in pursuit.

Crazy birds!
It looks like she is clucking, "wait for me."

But then they all had a party under the male person's truck.
I will NEVER understand chickens.


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