Friday, November 18, 2011

Farm Cat Friday - Inspector Cat Sherpa

Sherpa the Farm cat is a BIG help to the male person.
He must have known there was going to be snow because a couple of days before it fell he gave the male person's truck a VERY thorough inspection.

It's true!

He started by sitting on top of it to make sure it was stable.

This is important.
I don't know why but he does it all the time so it must be something that has to be done.

Time to get to work!
Stretching is wise before you do any kind of catual labor.

He started with the antenna. He wanted to make sure it was good and sturdy.

Just to be extra pawsitive he gave it THE BITEY!
It withstood his mighty fangs.

Then he checked the whatsit where the water comes out for the windshield wipers.
The male person needs a clear whatsit!

Next was the driver's side of the truck.

Now was the hard part - the male person's bright red fireman's light.
It is vital that this be in good working condition in case he has to go to a fire.

One more check to go!
The passenger's side.

Sherpa is not a cat to leave anything un-inspected!
Not Sherpa - he is a superinspectorcat!

He even inspected himself!
I wonder if he approved of what he saw....
Silly Sherpa!

One last look into the inside of the truck to make sure all is where it should be.

So, Sherpa, how did the inspection go? Is everything all right?
Oh, you found a problem?
What could it be?

The male person is NOT going to like this.
Not at all!
Muddy paw prints!

You had better get down now!
Before he catches you and makes you clean it up with your tail!

You wouldn't want a dirty tail, would you?
I promise I won't tell what cat left the prints.

I can't make any promises about AbbyGoat!


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