Friday, November 25, 2011

Farm Cat Friday - Blissed Out Harry the Farm Cat

It is time for Farm Cat Friday again - boy does time fly!
The Farm cats are very lucky! The publicist got them a ham-mick to try. It came from Forty Paws, a blog that is full of more cats than here! The ham-mick is made with super soft fleece and it came COVERED with 'nip.

This made the Farm cats VERY happy. 
Especially Harry the Farm cat who was RIGHT THERE when the publicist opened the box.

He jumped right on it!
He was one happy cat.

That must have been some super-duper, extra powerful 'nip!
Just look at how blissed out Harry is.

He just loved his ham-mick.
He rolled this way

He rolled that way

He rolled this way AGAIN!

He rolled until he almost looked like a pretzel cat!

Whoa, what's that......?
Who cares? Just give me more 'nip!

After a little more cat yoga....
(Is that more 'nip on my paw?!)

He just plain passed out!
Silly Harry the Farm cat!

He slept all day!
He did not want to give up the ham-mick!

It was a battle royale later in the day. It was too dark for photos but ALL of the Farm cats eventually had a turn. They ALL love the ham-mick. The publicist thinks she will have to get more.  The male person just shook his head and said, "why me?" as he always does.

If you want to get ham-micks for your kitties you can go to Forty Paws. Here is some information about them:

We are selling 2 Ham-Micks for $30 plus priority shipping direct to your door! It has been discovered in multi-cat households that 1 Ham-Mick is never enough, and rather than you having to reorder, we are offering a huge savings for you when you order 2 Ham-Micks at once!!!

These even come with a money back guarantee! If at least one cat in your household does not use our Ham-Micks, you can ship them back to us and we will refund your purchase cost!!!

The Ham-Micks are made of anti-pill fleece (unless stated), and withstand many many washings and dryings in the hottest of water and the hottest of dryers! Ham-Micks are 18"x12"x4". 

Just email us at fortypaws AT sbcglobal DOT net and we'll get your Ham-Mick packed and flying off to you via the bloo shorts person. We'll send you a Paypal invoice and you don't even need a Paypal account. Just plastic money.

There are lots of really pretty fabrics to choose from. Even pretty holiday fleeces. I wonder if they can make a ham-mick for a goat!?! Now THAT would be AWESOME! But I bet AbbyGoat would take it over and I would never get a chance to try it.

I hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving and didn't eat too much.

I also hope you consider shopping at my soap shop when you think of your holiday shopping!
Soap makes a great gift!
Everyone needs to wash - well except us goats. We take dust baths.


That is my gift to you!

Disclosure:  The publicist won this ham-mick but the Farm cats love it and she wanted to share it with everyone.


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