Tuesday, November 15, 2011

AbbyDay - I Give You SantaPaws Drive

It's AbbyDay, the best day of the week. And since it's the best day I think we should all do our best.

Yes, I AbbyGoat maaaaed that! So you had better listen or you will get this...

The AbbyGoat Stare of Death.
No one wants that, do they?
I thought not.

We goats have a friend named Dorian. She writes a blog called Your Daily Cute.
If that were indeed true the blog would be all Abby, all the time but that is neither here nor there. Every year Dorian and some friends get together and open Santa Paws Drive where they raise money and collect toys for shelter animals all around the world.  You can read all about it on SantaPawsDrive.com

I, AbbyGoat, am all in favor of this even though it is not all about me. 

You will note that the publicist put a widget on Pricilla's MY blog so you can donate if you can.

These poor animals in the shelter don't have a nice forever home like we Happy Goats and the Farm cats do and all of us think that is sad. We will be sending some money so they can have a happy holiday.

I will be back to my usual self next week. 
I wouldn't want to disappoint my fans.


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