Monday, October 10, 2011

Just WHAT is Sarah the Goat Trying to Do?

I know that we goats can be pretty silly at times.
I have been known to do some things that defy explanation.
But I am not here to maaaa about myself.
Oh no!

I am here to show you Sarah the goat and her mad attack on a big weed.
Silly Sarah!

She saw it over by the chicken tractor and went right up to it!
She was going to knock that weed down no matter what!

She hit it with her horns over and over.

Die evil weed, DIE!

Are you dead yet?
Sarah checks very closely to see.

One more attack with her horns!

And a job well done.
Why? We will never know.
But if you are a weed - beware Sarah's Horns of Death!


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