Friday, October 7, 2011

Farm Cat Friday - When Last We Left Harry.....

You will recall that in last week's Farm Cat Friday I told you of Harry's daring escape. At the end he was left like this:

Surrounded by chickens!
Oh noes!

How did this happen?
How did it end?

Let us start at the beginning!
As you all know Harry the Farm cat ESCAPED!
The publicist and the other Farm cats were searching for him.
He finally showed up but he dashed away to the other side of the Farm!

Then the publicist heard the chickens start to put up quite the racket.
She looked over and this is what she saw:

It seemed that Harry was going to be a chicken snack!
She had never seen the chickens gather around a Farm cat like that before.
But she had also never known a Farm cat to chase chickens quite like Harry before.

Was Harry doomed?

It seems not for when she looked over again the chickens had dispersed and Harry was having a meow with two of them. Perhaps they have come to a detente!

No more Harry chasing chickens or chickens chasing Harry.
Peace in the Farm yard.

What do you think?


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