Friday, October 21, 2011

Farm Cat Friday - All Boxed In

I want to report that this is not the post I wanted to write!
The publicist is having technical difficulties with photobucket so she could not upload photos so I had to improvise.

It is good I am a clever goat!

You know how cats love boxes, right?
Well this is a story of two cats and a very BIG box.

Sherpa and Harry the Farm cats were checking out a box that the male person left lying around. Silly male person. He should know that if he leaves a box that cats will not be far behind!

This was not just any box - oh no! This was a loooooooooooooooooooong box. 
Harry went in.

Sherpa went on.

This made Harry a bit nervous. He did not want to get squished.

So he rushed out.
But that Harry got to thinking.
He thought that box was a great hide-out.
So when Sherpa went on his way....

Harry went back in. He figured he had a good attack spot in there.

Plus he did look really cute.
Hopefully next week the publicist will have sorted out her problems with photobucket and I can have the Farm cats give you their review of a great new product that takes out the smell of Stinky in the litter box.

She really erm, stinks up the place.


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