Saturday, October 22, 2011

APPLES! The Publicist MUST be Feeling Guilty

Do you see all those apples?
The publicist brought them out to us.
I think she is guilty about leaving us to go visit Aunt Nora.

If this is how she is going to deal with it I say she should go visit Aunt Nora more often!
That is a LOT of apples!

I was one excited goat!
I was licking my lips in anticipation of tasting those delicious fruits.

The publicist fed them to me one by one.

I might have bitten her finger.
I will not admit or deny this fact.
I was not intending to bite her as I am a vegetarian goat.

I was, however, still better behaved than somegoats.

I am not going to maaa names.


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