Thursday, September 8, 2011


Little Louise the goat is the smallest goat on the Farm.
Her nanny protects her as best she can but sometimes being the smallest goat is a tough thing.
So little Louise likes to imagine what it will be like when she is a big goat. With big horns.

I don't blame her.
We were all kids once, looking to be all grown up.

So Louise looks to the outside world. The world beyond her pen and wonders - what is out there for me? What will I be like when I grow up?

When I am a big goat will I have kids of my own?
Will I be a good nanny?

Will I find a nice buck to love?
Will I stay on this very nice Happy Goats Farm?

If I stretch just a little bit further will I reach that grass that is so obviously greener on the other side of the fence?

And THAT as we all know is the most important question of all....


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