Thursday, September 29, 2011

Corn Stalks Ho!

We have been enjoying the corn stalks that the publicist's friend brought for us.
We are truly very spoiled goats!

What is most exciting about corn stalks is that sometimes you find an ear of corn hiding on the stalk that the human forgot to harvest.

Mmmmm, corn.

So it is a lot of fun to play "find the ear" with the stalks.
I am an expert.

Here I shared a pile with Nora the goat.
Not that I told her any of my secrets for finding ears of corn.
I won't go THAT far.
You can see how hard I am searching, though.

The kids don't know this little secret yet. 
They are just excited to have something to eat besides hay.

They will learn.

Although it looks like Thelma found a cabbage leaf hiding in the corn stalks.
Good work Thelma!

You might ask, "Where is Sarah the goat?"
We wondered too.

She was being a baaaad goat.
She was out in the driveway over in the big pile of corn stalks.

I guess she felt she was too "good" to eat with the rest of us.

She missed out on the cabbage.
That will teach her!


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