Monday, September 19, 2011

Corn Season - We Love Husks

The male person harvested the corn from his garden. Sadly for us goats he did not grow as much corn as he did last year. I do not know why he is punishing us this way. What did we do wrong that we deserve less corn? We are good goats! We should get, if anything, MORE corn husks than last year!


Anyway, he harvested 110 ears of corn for the publicist to do whatever it is she does with the corn that does not involve feeding it to us. LAST year there were 347 ears of corn so you can see why we goats are so upset. That is a lot less husks for us to eat not to mention a lot fewer stalks when he cuts them down. 

Harumph again!
What was that man thinking?!

Oh well SOME corn husks are better than NO corn husks, right?

Sarah showed an amazing lack of daintiness in eating hers.
Sometimes I cannot believe she is my kid.

I chose to be a dignified goat and I even shared mine with Nora.
THAT is how a goat should behave.

I have to admit that even though there were not as many as last year they were mighty tasty.

Uhm, OK! Maybe I was a bit of a piggie goat.
But I'll bet YOU could not resist the lure of the husk.

Especially when they are all around you.

I can share. Would YOU like a husk?
Go on, I know you want one....


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