Monday, September 26, 2011

Buster Brown the Goat LOVES Cabbage!

It's true!
You will remember that the publicist's very kind friend brought us some yummy cabbage with the HUGE pile of corn stalks.

Buster Brown had never seen cabbage in his short little life so the publicist thought she would feed some to him.

What a lucky little goat.
Not that I am not a spoiled goat. Ah-hem!

His little goat face just lit up from the yummy goodness that is cabbage!
Or maybe it was goat gas.
I do not know.

WhatEVER! He really enjoyed munching on those delicious purple leaves.

I can't say I blame him.
I know I enjoyed my treat of crisp cabbage.
I am sure you would too!

Some of those leaves were as big as Buster Brown!
He was a very happy little kid when he was done with his treat.

I am sure that if the publicist presented him with cabbage again he would not say NO!

I heard from the publicist that Harry the Farm cat is sick. He has to go to the VET today if she can get an appointment. He has been throwing up and been listless and not eating. She is very worried so she is asking everyone to think about him today.


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