Tuesday, September 6, 2011

AbbyDay - I'm STILL Taking Care of My Girls

It's AbbyDay! The best day of the week. Don't try and say otherwise or I'll find you.....

Since my girls are staying on the Farm for the winter it seems that I will be taking care of them for a while longer.


No rest for this nanny.

They are, fortunately for me, not drinking as much milk. I am udderly thrilled about that.
I am a punny goat.

I do have to make sure they get enough to eat.
Not that either one of them looks like they are wasting away....

So, we usually meet in the morning after I have been milked and have a happy little reunion. They stay in a pen with Pricilla. Poor things.

Then we wander around our pen for a bit to see if anything tasty has grown. I am very good at sniffing out the best morsels to munch.

Then we gather together again to decide if we want to go get some hay or wander some more.

I always vote for hay because I LOVE hay! And since I am the boss....

You know where we go!
I hope you all have a very happy AbbyDay!


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