Thursday, August 11, 2011

We Say Goodbye to Brewster the Goat

It is a sad day on the Farm.
Brewster the goat is leaving.
Since Buster Brown the goat is staying some buck had to go.
And it wasn't going to be my studmuffin.

So in today's post we will remember all the fun of Brewster the goat!
He was so cute when he was born.

Sarah was a very happy nanny!
He was such a cute little kid.

We all loved the little chicken marking on his side.
He grew up to move into the big boys pen with his daddy.

He and Luke the goat had some battles.
But they usually got along pretty well.

The publicist is sad as she always is but knows things have to be.
She will miss Brewster the goat.

And his cute little face.


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