Sunday, August 28, 2011

Silly Sunday - The Zucchini are Taking Over the Farm!

The publicist has been muttering and mumbling a lot lately.
It seems the male person planted three mounds of zucchini

This is a LOT of zucchini and she says they are taking over the yurt.
You should see her blog too. I think she might be right!
One of them tried to take over Sherpa the Farm cat's ScratchKabin!

He was just sleeping away as he does every afternoon and THERE IT WAS!

A zucchini!
What is up with this?

What is a cat to do?
He did not want to give up his ScratchKabin to a ZUCCHINI! Zucchini do not need to scratch!

So he did what any self respecting Farm cat would do - he attacked that zucchini!

And he vanquished it!
Go Sherpa!

Farm cats - 1, Zucchini - 0


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