Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's Thelma and I'M in Charge

Yes, you read that right.
We little kids have decided it was time that WE wrote the blog.
We are smart.
We are clever.

We wanted equal time.

So we goatnapped Priclla.
Or kid-napped her as you smart readers said.

You thought that Buster Brown and I were just posing all cute the other day.
We were plotting!

Louise was a wimpy goat and wouldn't work with us.
Stupid Louise.

I think I should be in charge of the blog, I mean just look at me

I am the cutest goat here.
My markings are perfection.

I am also very bendy.

That is a good thing in a goat.
Buster Brown was just along to help. While I think he is cute I am the brains behind this operation.

Don't tell him I said that, OK?

Back to me!
I am just adorable!

If you don't agree I will show you something my nanny taught me...

Don't worry about silly Pricilla either...

She can get out any time she wants.
We are not evil kids.


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