Monday, August 15, 2011


You saw yesterday that Abbygoat looked a little bit crazy.
Not that Abbygoat isn't always a little bit crazy but she looked downright MAD.
Mad as in certifiable.

What caused this?
Well, I am going to tell you.

The publicist heard a lot of noise when she was in the yurt.
She looked out the window and she saw GOATS GONE WILD.
Not me mind you. I am not a WILD goat. I am an old goat.

But this is what she saw:

Goats on the onion drying table.

Goats jumping off the onion drying table.

Goats butting goats on the onion drying table.

Goats running.

Goats leaping.

Goats challenging other goats.

It was CRAZY.
Abbygoat was in a duel with Sarah the goat.
That is what that charge was all about.
I do not know what caused it but boy, was it a BATTLE.

And all of this occurred when it was very, very hot.
The publicist thought we had all gone mad.
Well, not me. 
I am a very sane goat.

She wants you to know she took all these photos through a window in the yurt so they are not perfect.


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