Saturday, August 20, 2011

Farm Treat! Broccoli

Ooooh, we are very lucky goats.
Very lucky!
The male person harvested some broccoli and guess what?!
We got some broccoli stems and leaves as a goat treat!


It was Sarah's first time trying broccoli stems.

She was not sure so she gave them a sniff.
Then she hopped up on the spool.

There she gave them the A-OK!
She looks like she might fall off at any minute!

Be careful Sarah!
No broccoli stem is worth falling off a spool!

Louise enjoyed her first taste of broccoli too.

These kids are very lucky to live on the Happy Goats Farm!
They get all kinds of spiffy treats from the male person's garden.

Louise really got up close and personal with her broccoli before she gobbled it up!

The publicist put little piles everywhere so we wouldn't erm, argue with one another.
Here Nora is guarding a pile.

Did she get to eat it all?
You will have to come back tomorrow to find out!


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