Sunday, August 21, 2011

Broccoli Face-Off: Happy Goats Farm

Yesterday you saw Nora the goat guarding a pile of broccoli stems.
Did she get to eat them all by herself?

What do you think?
Of course not!

We goats are piggie goats when it comes to goat treats.
But who shared Nora's pile o'broccoli?

I saw that pile and knew I had to have some.

We had quite the face-off!
I maaaaed at her to leave. That it was now MY pile.

But she did not listen.
I suppose I should be a good goat and share but that is not in a goat's nature.
Just ask Abbygoat!

But I did.

We both shared the pile of broccoli ends.
It was good.
There was enough to go around.



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