Tuesday, August 9, 2011

AbbyDay - I Relax 'Cause I Deserve To

It's AbbyDay, the best day of the week!
I'm going to tell you - I am one tired goat.
Taking care of the kids has worn me out.
So I am relaxing today and if you don't like it - tough!

The publicist let us out to graze and I just sat myself down by the male person's truck and that was that!

I got out of the sun and maaaaed at everygoat to just leave me ALONE!
A goat needs a rest now and then.

But no matter how much I maaaa or what I maaaa for that matter.
This happens.

You wonder why I look a little ticked in that photo up there?
A nanny can't get any peace.

Thelma wanted yoga lessons.
YOGA LESSONS during my quiet time!

I sent her on her way and got back to my resting.
I will teach her yoga later.
Enjoy your AbbyDay.


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