Wednesday, August 31, 2011

AbbyDay - I am In Charge

It's AbbyDay the best day of the week. EVERYday should be AbbyDay if you ask me.
I am a little bit peeved at the publicist. She messed up my schedule so I have taken over Wordless Wednesday
She gave PRICILLA a special ear of corn!

She should have given it to ME!
I am in charge around here.
Me, AbbyGoat! No other goat.

When she came out to maaaa at us I gave her the cold shoulder.

That will teach her.
I had lessons to teach Sarah the goat.
Who needs the publicist any way?

Sarah the goat was thinking SHE was in charge.

She gave me the goat stomp.
Stupid Sarah.

I gave her a good head butt.
You think that would have showed her.

But NO!
Another goat stomp!
Is she crazy?!

She must be.
She really needs to be taught a lesson.
It's a good way to show my girls how to be toughgoats too!

That Sarah!
ANOTHER goat stomp!
You see that Nora the goat knows better. She just stands there.

I finally gave her a nip to her tail and a butt and she got the message.
She went into the other pen. Lesson learned for the day. Hopefully for longer.

Watch out publicist!
You are next.
Unless I get some of that corn!


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