Thursday, July 28, 2011

The New Hay is YUMMY

The male person decided to see if we liked the new hay.
Silly male person!
It's hay - of course we will like it.

But we were not going to maaaaa, "No thank you" when he came calling with hay to eat!
We are not stupid goats.

The problem is, as always.....

Who else?

She was a piggie goat and did not want to share.

The male person gave her a taste first because HE is not stupid and he did not want to get butt.

Then he managed to let Sarah have a nibble.
Then guess who butt in?

Uh-huh - AbbyGoat!

It was hard to keep her away from the hay.
You would think she had not eaten for a week.
As if!

Sarah managed another nibble but the rest of us did not get any.
AbbyGoat would not let us near.
She would butt anygoat that tried to get close.

MEAN, MEAN AbbyGoat!
The male person finally decided that Abby was going to be a hog and he left.

What a shame for me and Nora the goat.
Stupid Abby!


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