Saturday, July 30, 2011

The New Chickens Have Moved OUT

You will recall that the publicist and the male person got New Hampshire Red chicks this year instead of Rhode Island Red chicks. Well, they have grown up enough to move out into the chicken tractor in my goat pen.

They are at that gangly teenage stage so they still look a bit funny.

It took them a few days to get used to having a new world to explore but now they come and go all the time.

In the morning the male person opens their door and they start coming out.

Some of them don't bother to use the ramp.
This chick just jumped!
Silly chicken!

They wander around the goat pen eating bugs and seeds and sometimes they STEAL MY GOAT GRAIN!
Can you imagine such a thing?!

This does not make me happy but when I try to maaaa to them about it they get this look in their eye

and it scares me.
Would you go up against that?
I didn't think so.
Not to mention that their beaks are SHARP!

When they are done for the day they go back in their tractor.

The end.

(ps - tomorrow I will tell you about the new exotic chick, the Polish crested)


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