Saturday, July 23, 2011

Musical Spools

I am taking a break from all of the hard detective work today.
I think I deserve it!
I did a not of sniffing around and I have SOLVED the mystery.

I will tell you on Monday who STOLE they hay.
For now I want you to leave all of the worries of the missing munchies behind and just enjoy goats being goats.

Buster Brown the goat and his nanny were up on the spools when they decided to play a game of Musical Spools. This is a game we goats really enjoy.

Sarah hopped to the higher spool leaving Buster on the lower.
But what young buckling wants to stay on a lower spool?

NO young buckling!
Over he reached.
Of course there might have been a turnip green or two involved in all of this spool hopping. I cannot say for sure....

Then Sarah decided to jump down!
Did Buster Brown win?

What do you think?
Sarah the goat would not give in that easily!
But she figured she had shown her kid that she was "large and in charge" so she left and gave him the spools all to himself!

Lucky Buster Brown!
He did some goat yoga and got ready to show his stuff!
(Remember, it is important to stretch before exercising!)

He flew to the left!
The big spool was his.
But he missed his nanny... down he jumped so he could be with her.

What a good kid!
His nanny was happy to see him and he was rewarded.

With a turnip green!
Lucky Buster Brown!


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