Monday, July 18, 2011

Dateline Mystery/Happy Goats Farm: What Happened to Our Hay?!

I was out for a graze and I came upon the hay storage area of the barn and I saw this

Where is all of our yummy hay?
Our tasty treat?
Our sustenance?

Who could have stolen our food?!
Did the horses across the street come and eat it all?
Did my cousin the deer visit and have a big munch?

Why is it all gone?
Oh, woe is me!

I will have to put on my Inspector Goat Pricilla hat and figure out this mystery.
You would not want all of the Happy Goats to starve would you?
I would think not!

Then we would not be Happy Goats. We would be Hungry Goats.
It is not good to be a Hungry Goat. 
I would rather be a Happy Goat.
Wouldn't you?

So stayed tuned to find out what happened to the Happy Goats' hay!


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