Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dateline Mystery/Happy Goats Farm: I Start My Investigation

AbbyDay is on hold this week as I start my investigation into where all of our hay went. I will not rest until I figure out this mystery!

Abby is tied up in the barn is always willing to stand down from her day on the blog when necessary. So let's all thank her....wherever she may be.

I put on my thinking cap and it occurred to me that Buster Brown the goat was getting mighty big! He is really starting to fill out and he is taking on some new colors as he gets older. He is looking rather like his nanny, Sarah the goat.

Is that a guilty look?
Could HE have eaten all of the hay?
I know he might look small to you but he is an escape artist!
He is always jumping into the mineral trough, into the mulch pile and out into the yard.
He can also wriggle through a hole in the gate.

I will have to go and maaaa at him.
Do you think he will tell?

I found him over by the chicken tractor which is suspicious in itself.
Do you know what is in the chicken tractor?
huh, huh?

I maaaaed and maaaaed and maaaaed at Buster Brown and he just looked at me.

He had the nerve, THE NERVE to look bored! In fact he started to nibble at some weeds and IGNORE me!

I am the head goat!
I am a Famous SpokesGoat!
I am InspectorGoat Pricilla!


He maaaed nothing back to me and then he started to sit down.

There is nothing graceful about a goat sitting down.

Even a cute, little goat like Buster Brown.

He then turned away from me.
From ME!
Harumph again!

So what do YOU think?
Is Buster Brown the culprit?


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