Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dateline Mystery/Happy Goats Farm: Hmmm, Was it My Cousin the Deer?

I am an intrepid goat and I am closing in on the answer to this mystery!
I don't want anyone to worry.
I, Inspector Goat Pricilla will find out what happened to the Happy Goats' hay.

The publicist was outside working the other day and she head a car slowing down on the road. She looked up and she saw my cousin! 
That's right!
My cousin, the mule deer.

This photo is from Widipedia not from the publicist but you can see what he looked like. Although his antlers were not this big.

This was a buck deer and he had antlers.
The publicist always gets excited when she sees one of my cousins with antlers so she ran into the yurt to get her camera.

By the time she came out my cousin was waaaaaaaaay far away in the horses' field across the street.

I know he looks like a big bunny but he is a mule deer.

She took some pictures anyway.
I am glad she did because now I can investigate them to see if my cousin has hay in his mouth! 
Maybe HE is the hay thief!

But for now I will show you his progress.
He ran across the horses' field and then...

...he jumped the fence into the next field!
Boy can my cousin leap!

He then trotted he way through the field.

He was not stopping for anything.
I wonder if he knew he was guilty and he thought I was going to chase him.

What do you think?
I did not SEE any hay in his mouth but the publicist took poor photos.
Stupid publicist!


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