Friday, July 22, 2011

Dateline Mystery/Happy Goats Farm: Farm Cat Friday - Stinky the Cat Knows Who Took the Hay!

I did not think that the Farm cats had anything to do with the missing hay.
They do not eat hay.
They eat stinky, fishy food.

They do, however spend a lot of their time napping in the hay.
Who knew?
Apparently the publicist did so she told me I should maaaaa to them.
Specifically Stinky the Farm cat.

So that is exactly what I did!
I found Stinky on the scratching post.

We goats do not have scratching posts because we do not scratch but it has given me a brilliant idea; BUTTING POSTS! We goats should have buttings posts!

(No, Abby! I am not your butting post! Shhhh, this is an important convermaaaaation so go away.)

Stinky seemed a bit more interested in cuddling with her mousie toy than in meowing with me. 
I suppose I can understand this.
I would be more interested in apples than in maaaaaing with Stinky the Farm cat.

But just before she drifted off to sleep Stinky gave me a very important clue!
It's true!
And yes, I understand cat.
I am a bilingual goat.

So know I think I can figure out what happened to our hay.
Have you?
I will tell you on Monday and there will be a special giveaway of my rich soap to celebrate the answer so be sure to come back and see!


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