Tuesday, July 12, 2011

AbbyDay - I am the QUEEN of the Turnip Greens

But you already knew that.
If you didn't you are pretty stupid not paying attention around here.
I am the Queen of Everything!

The publicist knew when she brought those greens in that I should have my own special pile.
She put them up on the spool so I could dine in splendor.

She's smart, that publicist.
She knows the feel of my horns.

I do not like to share. I do not feel a Queen should HAVE to share.

I ate through my pile, enjoying EVERY nibble.
I was not going to leave any leftovers.
That is not my style.

I will tell you that these turnip green things are A-OK in Abby's book.
I suggest you try them.
But don't try and take mine!
Or YOU will feel my horns.

And I don't think any of you really want that, do you?


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