Saturday, June 11, 2011

When Brewster Met Stinky

It was a bright and sunny day.
The bucks were out for a graze and then it happened.
Brewster spied a strange creature.

A creature the likes of which he had never before seen.

It was small.
It was furry.
It was NOT a goat.

What was it?

He was going to check it out!
He did not care that it might bite him.

He gave it a sniff.

He gave it a closer sniff - he had to be sure.
What is this, publicist? What is this?

Oh no!
Is Brewster - strong fearless BREWSTER

Afraid of....

It cannot be!
Brewster would not run from something as sweet as Stinky the Farm cat?

Would he?


He would!
Silly Brewster!


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